Export to PDF - compress images?

Anyone knows how to compress images used on a page that gets Exported to PDF?

I’m uploading images to my Coda doc directly from my iPhone. This means that the pictures are uploaded in a really high quality.

This is not a problem when just working in Coda. However, I get a problem when I want to “Export to Pdf”.

What I do
I have a simple Doc with a column, where I can upload images into. I want to show all these images on a page, so I can export that to PDF and my colleague can see all the pictures.

A column with more than 1 image in it, only shows 1 image (and then the thumbnail showing how many images in total). In order to show all the images on a page, I there do a BulletedList().

This new column I show on a new page. But when I then Export that page to PDF, the size of the PDF gets really big (too big to share in an email e.g.).

I guess Coda doesn’t compress the images when exporting to PDF, like it does when showing it inside Coda.

See example doc here:

Anyone know a work-around?

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Hi, @Maja_Overgard

If you are on Windows, you can do this work-around as I posted long time ago:

"I’ve just discovered that instead of using “save as PDF” or printing to PDF, you use Microsoft print to PDF you can get small file sizes specially when you are printing a table with lots of thumbnail pictures.
The difference is huge. A table with 32 pictures, at first had 35MB, which is impractical to send as email attachment. It all came down to 330KB when using the Microsoft virtual printer.
For me, it’s a very useful tip and I wanted to share with the community."

You can also vote here as a sugestion, so Coda can fix it. It’s a big issue for me too.

Thanks for the suggestion - nice workaround!

However, I’m on a Mac and hitting the print to pdf does not reduce the file size. So still trying to wrap my head around a way to achieve it.

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