Craftmypdf - data binding - Can i do fieldtoRow in which the row also binding to sub-row?

Hello. i would like to ask if it is possible to do multi-level data binding in craft my pdf

I currently use craftmypdf to process my pdf document from my data table. It works fine for databinding from field to row, for example,

Room A | roomnumber A | qty A
Room B | roomnumber B | qty B

However, I want to do more that one layer data binding

for example
Room Category
Room number A
Room number A | Room number A people | room number A XX | Room number A CC
Room number B
Room number B | Room number Bpeople | room number B XX | Room number B CC

Anyone know how to do it?

HI @Korn_Tris - Have you tried messaging the Pack maker ( directly? From what I can tell it’s not possible using the Pack today, but they may be able to build new features to enable it.