Create a button that duplicates several template rows

Loving what I’ve accomplished so far but my team just hit me up with an idea to have a button that creates a new event along with several rows that are pre-populated with tasks and assignments related to an event.

To show the subtasks for an event currently, I’ve got the first column grouped on the left to show all the tasks are related to a specific event (the tasks have different people assigned, different due dates, etc).

However, I am failing to figure out how to create a button that duplicates our template event’s 14 rows (which are all in in one group) each time. If possible, I’d also love to have the template be in a separate table too to help protect. How do I duplicate several rows in a table or from another table so that we can start with a fresh, partially filled out group of rows each event?

Hey there! Happy to help out. Do you mind posting an example dummy doc so we can get you help that is both quicker and more relevant?

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Here’s a dummy doc assuming I did that correctly. I highlighted in yellow what I’m trying to accomplish.

I managed to figure it out by just doing Run Actions and having a ton of AddRows. We’ll see if that gets me into trouble further down my list of features for this project. :slight_smile:

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