Duplicate Table with Button

I am trying to create a button or automation that will duplicate a table and the rows in the table without connecting the two tables.

The end goal is to be able to create a project template page that has one table for Stage Gate tasks that have the same rows as the master table, but does not sync the table and have a one or more (non Stage Gate tasks table, meeting notes table, marketing asset tracker, etc) tables that do sync to master tables on the same page and are filtered on the project page to show only the project tasks. This template would be duplicated via a button or automation when it was time to create a new project.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Thank you!

It is impossible to, aside from manual methods, create a table that didn’t exist before.

You can only

  1. Use this table duplicator pack which takes all the rows from an existing column and copies every row and cell values to another table
  2. Create a template private to your workspace and slash command that template into an existing document. The template you slash in can just be a single table.

Thank you, Scott! This is amazing.

I noticed you were the maker of the pack. Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a way to use this in correlation with a duplicate page function in a button?

The goal would be to have a button to create a new project. This button would duplicate a template page and the execute the table duplicator pack code to bring over the non-synced table rows from particular table on the template.

The page duplication would also bring over table that are synced with the master page.

What I am trying to accomplish is to duplicate a template with one column that is not synced to a master table, with several other tables that are synced with master tables.

Example: The non-synced table is my stage gate process that I keep track of project status and tasks. These are the same for every project, but the tasks notes and status are no linked with other projects, IE why I don’t want them synced with a master template.

For the synced tables I want to have non Stage Gate tasks, meeting notes, and a marketing asset request tracker on each project page that filters by project from a master database. This allows me to “show all” task on a project dashboard grouped by type, project, etc.


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