Button to Tables

Is this possible;

When I press this button , then a new table is created with pre-set information?


Dear @erik_andersson,

Can you elaborate on the expected outcome?
Do you have something in mind like the templates in Notion?

I do not. But, here would be the use case, I will do my best explaining.

I have a section, called (Orders). Within this section I have a table that has 6 rows (ship, receive, deliver, etc.)

I am trying to find a way in where, by pressing a button I can duplicate a table with this information. So that I am able to track multiple orders and the procurement stages.


Dear @erik_andersson,

Please have a look at this post from @Federico_Stefanato, where he has made a template that can be adapted and the transition steps to be set according your flow

In the table “workflows” the actual reporting can be made, and this table can be amended with a starting, ending date or whatever relevant

Doc idea to build (just for fun & learn)

Just one more advice, learned from @Paul_Danyliuk, work with views from these actual bases and then filter the view with for example only the "open"active instances.
In this way you keep it clean and in the actual bases you will always have the references.

I will be glad to build it this weekend if you feel the need for it :handshake:

You cannot duplicate the table and you shouldn’t.

Instead just add rows to an existing table, introduce a new dimension (i.e. a column that’ll have e.g. same calculation number for all the rows to display), and set up a filter to only show the group of rows from the calculation that you need.

thats what i ended up having to do. i have a table with the same tasks, and wanted to duplicate this table, but instead just created rows