Create a new page for every form submission


I am creating a form to collect information about a persons details including qualification and certifications. Once the person submits the form, I want to take that row of informaiton and publish that as a webpage, so the person can use the web URL to showcase their profile.

Any suggestions please?


Hey there!

Exactly what you’re asking for is possible, but it requires use of Codas API or clever use of the Doc Explorer pack and webhooks.

Coda docs can publish as web pages but only the entire doc and nothing else.

There’s no way to publish individual pages as their own distinct webpage.

Can you tell us more about your use case?

Hi Scott,

Thank you for the feedback. What am planning is a training portal. I would like to allow members of the training portal have a profile page with their personal details (name, experience, certifications etc…). So essentialy they have page like trainingportalcom/member1, member2, etc…

I was thinking creating a form to collect this data from the member and then have each submission as a page. I tried it. Published the entire doc, that has all form submissions. And the picked the link to a specific row and this is how it shows -

If there is a way to show this as general web page and not a coda doc, that would serve the purpose

Alternatively I also tried copying the form detail view into a new doc, made that doc public - FRDoc

the problem here is am not able to get a web URL for each member.

Any ideas?

You can do a type of username/password login to a publishable coda doc that then displays the logged in users information.

To be clear - it wouldn’t be a coda login, you create your own login flow, etc.

I can help you talk through this and roadmap it out but the solve is a bit complex and a bit beyond the scope of a normal “community post” type of help. It will involve:

  • access tables
  • formulas to generate passwords
  • custom login screen
  • automations to deliver passwords and credentials after form response
  • certain configurations on published doc for security.

And even then it’s only mostly secure - technically all the data is there for the user behind the scenes and with enough digging you could find it.

To be totally secure you need to either:

  1. Use my initial suggestion with the API to generate and publish a unique doc per user - but then you don’t have a single url to access, everyone has a different url
  2. Use a tool like noloco to create a front-end experience with Coda as the backend.

That said - if you want to roadmap it out im available for a live meeting here

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