Create a task management system based on Round Robin logic


I want to create a task management system for my team using th Round Robin logic. This means that depending the task I want the first avaiable team memebr to get the task amd then the next ones and goes on. Do anybody know how to do that?

Thank you!

Hi @Elisavet_Maniou

Interesting puzzle. Here is my proposal. This is very simple but can be a good start for you

I started by creating a table for people and associated skills

Then I’ve got my task list with a given skill (RandomSkill with RandomItem) in this example


In the team member table, I will retrieve the number of tasks for a given team member with this formula, because for auto-assignement I want, at then end, people to have the same number of tasks in Round Robin Logic

Thus, dynamically, I will always know how many tasks somebody have.

Back to TaskList, this formula will suggest people with the good skill and also with the current minimum number of task. In fact, I dont want to retrieve people who already have more task than team member in the same skill category

With IT Team example, check how it behave when I manually select people, it suggest me remaining people until each one have the same number of task, and start the loop again


Next step : here is a table button that will automatically choose the first (that could be the last, or the older, the youngest, etc… easy to modify) team member from Potential team member and assign it to the task


Then, make just a master button to autofill the tasklist automatically !


Et voila le travail !

Please let me know if some explanations arent clear.

And have fun with this 100% shared embed document !



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