Rotating list of Assignee's

Has anyone come up with a way to rotate assignee’s on a task?
I have a task that each month a new team member is responsible for and would love to automate rather than manually assigning each month.

Hi Ellie,

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This is most certainly doable. Could you provide more information about the exact requirement though?

Should it happen automatically, or with a button? Do you need a history of previous assignments? Do you want to amend the existing task, or create a copy with the information of the new person.

And most importantly, what are the rules to be followed in determining who the new team member is.

Rambling Pete

Thanks Pete!

Ideally we would create a copy of the information (which I can see I can set up a duplicate row automation based off once the status column is marked as ‘done’). No need to show history of previous assignments.
In regards to rules to be followed when determining who the new team member is, It would be great if I could create a list of the team members and have the rule go through that list A-Z. Then when reaching the last member on that list the rule should start again from the top.

Thanks again for your help Pete :smiley:

Hi Ellie,

Here is a link to a working example.

And here is a screenshot of the explanation on that page.


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Thanks so much for this Pete - appreciate your help!

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