Create Email Campaigns in Coda | Email Campaign Template

Hi Coda Community!

Here’s a doc I have been building for the community for a couple weeks. This doc will let you send templated emails to whomever you’d like.

Let’s say there’s a list of people you want to email a particular message to:

  1. Create a template that you want to email
  2. Create a campaign around that template
  3. Import the email addresses and any other data that the template requires (e.g. your recipients’ names)
  4. Connect the data to the template and send!

Everything is well documented with Looms, and also please let me know if there is anything that I can do to improve it!


This is great Connor!

I really like the Looms, it’s a good idea to have one loom per page. I also liked the “made a mistake? Click to undo” button, that’s very user friendly!

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Thanks so much for checking it out, Hector!

And yeah, the looms have been a great way to communicate. I think the only thing I would do differently if I were to do it again is be more enthusiastic haha, I made this on a busy weekend

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Hi Connor,
Thanks so much for this. It’s great!
I have copied it and got it working - and the resultant email comes out as one whole paragraph - the line breaks / paragraph returns are missing.
Is there something I should be doing differently?

Huh, I ran into this before and thought I fixed it

Let me take another look

Hi Marian,

The line breaks seem to be working for me. Could you share the exact text you’re using, or even better your doc?

Thank you!

Update: Thanks for sharing that, I think I found the issue and fixed it. It probably will help people to know what happened, so here’s a post that explains the bug, as well as how to fix it!