Launched: Mailchimp Pack

Hey everyone,
I have launched the full version of the Mailchimp Pack now.

The pack offers many ways of directly interacting with your Mailchimp account from within a Coda Doc.

A few things you can do thanks to the the Mailchimp pack:

Send out campaigns with a template completely designed in a Coda doc

2022-07-31 14.11.03.gif

Manage subscriptions and sync users between Coda table and Mailchimp Audience

2022-07-22 20.09.47.gif

Update and sync tags, groups and your custom merge fields of a member from within a doc

2022-07-21 16.21.48.gif

"Create a dashboard / reporting page to track your campaign success

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-04 um 13.57.53

You can test the pack in a 14-days free trial now!

(If you are on the Coda free plan, check out Launched: Mailchimp Lite Pack)

Learn more about the pack here:

and get the pack here:


Hi @Daniel_Stieber - this is great. I have just tried creating a template and campaign according to the following instructions Creating & sending campaigns · Mailchimp Pack Guide

However, every time I try to create the template get an error message saying “Failed to take action in Mailchimp”. Any chance you know what the root cause may be or would otherwise be able to assist?

For reference: I would ideally create the template and resulting campaign from a page (as opposed to the canvas option you showed in the guide). Mentioning this in case it makes any difference. Here is the link to the page template as it currently stands: Global Regulator & Central Bank News Roundup

Would love to use this integration as I have a weekly newsletter that I would like to send out using Coda.

Thanks so much.

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Hey @Jenny_Radziwolek
thanks for giving the Mailchimp Pack a try!

Just checked and everything should work still fine. Can you check if you have the right ‘object’ selected in the HTML field of create template button? You can also select a page, but you must start typing the name of the page and the autocomplete should suggest it to you. That way it works. I don’t think that dynamically selecting pages works well because you need the HTML and not the page object and while I didn’t tested it today, I think I remember some problems. That is why the canvas column comes in handy for these cases as you can fill one per row and the reference will transmit the HTML.

Currently it seems that you have the page as part of the canvas column including a table view of the table itself. This might lead to the error if you have selected this canvas column in the button. Populating the canvas column directly with the content or typing the page name in the button field as shown should fix the issue.

Also note that some of the styling might get lost as Coda does not perfectly outputs an email friendly HTML. E.g. I don’t think Buttons work in email templates and also the new horizontal divider styles will currently not be applied – only a normal divider will appear. Normal links and basic styling should work though!

On the left is the coda page, on the right is the mail in a random webmail viewer.

If it is still not working, please send me a DM. I will need edit rights on the doc so I can have a look and even see the error message Mailchimp returns in my pack logs.

Hope this is already helpful though :slight_smile: All the best for your campaigns!