Launched: Mailchimp Pack

Hey everyone,
I have launched the full version of the Mailchimp Pack now.

The pack offers many ways of directly interacting with your Mailchimp account from within a Coda Doc.

A few things you can do thanks to the the Mailchimp pack:

Send out campaigns with a template completely designed in a Coda doc

2022-07-31 14.11.03.gif

Manage subscriptions and sync users between Coda table and Mailchimp Audience

2022-07-22 20.09.47.gif

Update and sync tags, groups and your custom merge fields of a member from within a doc

2022-07-21 16.21.48.gif

"Create a dashboard / reporting page to track your campaign success

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-04 um 13.57.53

You can test the pack in a 14-days free trial now!

(If you are on the Coda free plan, check out Launched: Mailchimp Lite Pack)

Learn more about the pack here:

and get the pack here: