Launched: Mailchimp Lite Pack

I recently launched a Mailchimp Lite pack with basic functionality like

  • Subscribe Members
  • List Members
  • List Campaigns


You can find more information here:

You can find the pack here:

With the Mailchimp Lite pack, everyone can now subscribe users quickly from within Coda or import his Mailchimp user list.

If you want to support me, there is also a donation option at the buttom of the published doc.

(The pack directly interacts with the MC Api, there is no data accessible by me. Make sure you are aware of any GDPR regulations regarding working with user data. Without dedicaded user permission you might not be allowed to transfer user data from Mailchimp to Coda, neither with any pack nor Zapier etc.)

And what about tags, interests and more?
Iā€™m also working on a regular Mailchimp Pack which has a big load of additional features including tag management and campaign insights. It will be offered as a paid pack in the Pack gallery. I might release a free Beta version soon though. If you are interested in early access to the regular Mailchimp Pack in exchange for feedback and maybe a short call to discuss your use case, please send me PN, or subscribe to the mailing list within the Mailchimp Lite doc.


Awesome addition, kudos on the launch!



Gee, I applaud your efforts here. This seems like a pack that would have real value. Personally, all these packs drive me nuts, and MC is vanilla enough to work. Good luck with it.

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