Create table with specific criteria from another table

I am struggling to come up with the right formula.

I have one table with a schedule (rows are dates, columns are organized by grade/group and event). There are multiple rows with the same date due to varying events. Some rows have multiple grades because they are involved in the same event.

I’d like to create simple table with a different view. Rows would be each date (no duplicates) and columns are grades (individual). I’d like to fill each cell with the event name where the date is the same as the row and the grade/group contains the column (grade).


Thanks for your help!

I think you need a unique item Display column, which in Coda works sort of like an index. That way each row of information can be unique and addressable and not run into duplicates. Maybe you could Compose one out of the existing columns. I had to create a unique Display column for documents in a document inventory, because so many were emails between the same parties on the same day.

Yeah, I was trying this, but it didn’t work:

The “Index” column has to be set as the Display column. Try just making it a Compose column and adding in the column names with the @.

Hi Erin,

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Are you looking for something like this?


Yes! This is what I’d like to do.

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Very interesting - will take a look!

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I like what you showed me, but I can’t see how you did it. Is there a formula I am missing or a view setting that I didn’t notice? Thanks again!

Also, my current set-up isn’t quite as simple, as I have rows indicating multiple grades have the same event, not all listed as separate rows. You can see that in my original screenshot.

Hi Erin,

The formulas for each grade is in the respective columns of the example doc.

The initial layout in my example (Flexible) is part of the proposal - that structure generally simplifies things greatly.

But if your existing structure is non negotiable, you should be able to achieve the same result by changing the filter() of the grade, to a contains().


Thanks. I see the formula now. Unfortunately the contains part did not work for me.

I also tried using “6” instead. It may be because that column is actually a relation to another table. May need to simplify things.

I have a formula that is not giving me errors, but is just returning an empty set for all of them.


It looks like you forgot to put a period before the Contains() :wink: → .Contains()

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