Creating a button to change pages

I want to make my first page a splash screen with buttons to jump to various other pages. This is primarily so I can have an interface that works well on an iPhone. I can create the button and create the hyperlink to the page but when I click on it, I get the 'Attempting to open an unsafe url" error.
Can anybody help me with the link to switch to other pages within the Coda environment?

HI Gavan,

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when you establish the link to the destination page on your first page - do you enter the URL, or the page name?


Hi @Gavan_Swift welcome to Coda!

I find the best way to make this work without the iPhone url warning is to press CMD-K which opens the Link dialogue, then select the page there. This should move you through the app without the warning. Good luck!

Thankyou. This was a great help. What I discovered was if I created a link in the document using CMD-K I could type in the page name and the link was created. If I tried this directly in the button settings, the link wasn’t created. However, I could copy the page hyperlink from the text link, and paste that into the button settings and it all works.

Thanks Piet. I was trying to create the link to the page using the page name, but that doesn’t work in button settings. I had to copy & paste the hyperlink from a regular text link and then everything worked.