Can't believe I'm asking this but how to add a new page in the ipad/iphone app?

In the web app, there is “New Page” button below the top level pages.

I don’t see anywhere in the iphone or ipad apps to create a new page. No plus button. No “+” symbol

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Hi @Geoff_Davies and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Well, I sadly have to tell you that it’s not doable at the moment :no_mouth: … as stated in the Mobile app FAQs (It’s the 3rd question in the list :blush: )

The mobile app is still, so far, a window to your docs allowing you to access them and add datas but nothing much more :pensive:


Yep, no way to do that in the app but:

  1. You can prepare yourself a button that will copy a blank or some template page. The button should be clickable on your device and do what it usually does.

  2. You can open the doc in your browser (e.g. install Chrome) and turn on desktop mode — it will load the full Coda editor, not the mobile optimized one.


Perfect. I just needed to know I wasn’t missing the obvious. I can live with workarounds and limits.

And thank you for the welcome. I’m looking forward to really utilizing coda.

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Hi Geoff! Maggie from Coda’s Customer Success Team here, nice to “meet” you.

I am so glad Paul could get you the information you needed (thank you, Paul!!). As you continue to build in Coda, my team is here to help with optimizing and scaling docs so let us know if there is any assistance we can provide! And have fun playing around, Coda is an amazing tool :slight_smile:


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