How to create "Next page" buttons

I want to insert buttons that send you to the next page in a playbook I am working on in Coda. Is there any better way to do it than by copy-pasting the URL of the page?

Anyone knows also if the URLs are automatically updated in the buttons when the website is published?

Hi @Lucie_Le_Naour and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Well, sadly there’s no thisPage we can reference/get the url from so, not really :sweat_smile:

But, you could create a “navigation” page with:

  • A canvas formula storing the Doc URL using something like :

  • And a table where you store the @ref of each page you want to open with a canvas button.

    • From the @ref of the pages you can then get the Page ID (the one used in a page url) using :
    • And then you can re-create the full url of a page and use it in an OpenWindow() button
  • Your canvas buttons can then push the appropriate button to open a page

See the sample below :innocent:

The Doc Explorer Pack might also help you with this :blush:

And these 2 topics could give you some inspiration too :blush:

As for this …

… I think that instead of using the Doc “internal” url, so the one returned by:


Which outputs something looking like :

You would need to use the published doc URL

… and probably use the published Page IDs (which Coda creates automatically) in the navigation table … or just the full URL of each published page you want to open with your buttons.

But I don’t think the url are automatically updated though … Hence why using a table might be a plus (as you would just need to update each URL once instead of modifying each buttons :blush: )

I hope this helps :innocent:


Thank you for your help @Pch :slight_smile:

My pleasure @Lucie_Le_Naour :grin: !

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