Creating a control directly linked to a single cell in the table

I have a page that pulls data from different tables about a specific customer, including from the Customers table.

Is it possible to have a control on the page that could be directly linked to the relevant cell (row and column) in the Customers table, such that when it’s edited, it’s as like editing a cell in the table?

I’m pretty that this could be achieved with control, then a button to invoke an action to modify the relevant row based on the value in the control, but that feels a bit convoluted and requires an extra click.

EDIT: I suppose, I could just add a table view, with a single column, filtered to a single row - perhaps that’s the recommended approach.

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Yes, you have answered yourself. :sunglasses:

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It’s feels a bit too “heavy” of an approach to me, but I guess it works too

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