Set control value using button action

I would like to have a button that will assign a value to a control outside the table (a select box for example).

My use case is this: I have a tasks table in one page, and a “task details” page in the other, which gives a very detailed task page with lots of related information and lots of tables (this offers me something more flexible than using a customized layout of detail view).

I want to push a button in a task row, that will put a reference to that task in a control.
The control is then used as a filter for the entire detail page.

Here’s an example for what I wished I could do:

And here’s a workaround I have right now:


I put a solution direktly in your doc.

With a filter, you can select the first Row in your Filter Table to change the value in this row:

Hope this helps you

Thank you!

That’s what I’m already doing in the “workaround” section. I was hoping for something more elegant, as this feels very “hacky”. I think that an action to change a value in a control would be useful for many scenarios and eliminate the use of single row tables.

ok, maybe i didn’t quite understand the goal.

I use such a filter table for everything. This is then located separately on an admin page. So it is also possible that each user gets his own filtered view. Look at this tip from @Paul_Danyliuk… this helped me a lot.



Thank you!
That is indeed a nice solution for multi-user cases.
However, I was talking about exactly what he says is impossible here at around 19:20:

This is not a “how to” request - I understand the how to. This is rather a feature request - I think it would be beneficial and less cumbersome to be able to populate a canvas control via an action than having to go through the long setup of what he’s describing.

It’s a quality of life improvement, not a game changer.

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