Creating a task list from a meeting agenda

Hi! My first post here - appreciate any help the community can provide.

We have a weekly meeting between our support teams, and our engineering teams.

Sometimes that meeting results in tasks for various members of the two teams. I have a “task” checkbox in the agenda list, and I’d like to (if that box is checked) add the topic of that row to a seperate task list in a different table/page in the same doc.

I’m using (for now) the basic meeting template, and the basic task template.

I was playing around with formulas, but I could only get it to return the entire list of topics, rather than just the topic of the row that had the “task” checkbox checked. I feel like I"m missing something basic here, so any help would be so appreciated.

Thank you!


Is this the the template you’re using?

Yes it is!

I’ve added a checkbox field to identify that the agenda item is a task.

I’m then using a basic tasks template on the “top-level” page

So if you have a separate table for tasks, you can add a column to that Agenda table that is a button that Add Rows to the tasks table. Then disable it if the checkbox is unchecked. You can see this page to learn more about buttons. Does this resolve your problem?

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This did the trick! Also helped me see a little more how formulas are structured - thisRow.[field] was helpful to see in building out the formula for what to put there.

Appreciate the help @Samuel_Langford

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