Creating an ISO Management system in Coda

I’ve worked with coda a little bit for testing purposes and it strikes me like something that is a living breathing document. That is, a document that is otherwise static but has the interactivity of an actual app.

So my thought was, why not offer a micro SaaS based on it? One very likely use case is to build small client Quality Management Systems (think ISO9001) on Coda docs and then sell them to customers. The Coda doc would act as the actual ISO9001 document but instead of referring to any external documentation kept (as in boxfiles etc), actually link and contain the data in tables (databases). This way, the procedures part (Management System) is now merged with the records produced, all in one place, the Coda Document.

I’ve seen entire apps holding records related to ISO9001 (or other systems) but never something that actually contains the entire information (i.e. system AND records) in one unified structure that reads more like a book and less like an app.

What do you think could go wrong with this approach? What caveats would I encounter in terms of design, usability or even licensing?


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