Creating mutliple Rows (Tasks) with different Dates based on other Date

Hi all,

I am coming from Clickup to Notion and now I am in Coda :slight_smile:
In Clickup, i had the ability to create a Task with x Subtask and with different Date values depends on one general date.

For Example: A new Store will be open in the future. In this case, I have to do mulitple things on different dates before its opening.

What I want to achieve:

  • I have a button and a date picker
  • First I have to set the “Opening”-Date for the new Store in the picker
  • After that, I click on the Button and I want to create x Tasks with different dates (- 2 Days from Picker or -5 Days from Picker, …) based on the date Pickers Date. In the best case, this new Tasks are Subtasks of a ParentTask - but this is optional.

EDIT: One more point at Creating Rows: Can I prefill a canvas Column with the content of an other subpage? Some task will have some code-snippets which a want to copy :slight_smile:

Can I do this in any way?

I hope, I explained it as good that you can follow my thoughts :slight_smile:

Thanks to all!

Hi @Mario_Feichtl and welcome to the community!

Good news: that’s absolutely possible with Coda.
Just create a button and add multiple Actions by using the RunActions-Formula to combine the different actions you want to execute.

Hope that helps.


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Hi @Jannis,

thanks you for your answer!
The “RunActions” Method is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

Maybe you know a method, with that I can fill a canvas column with the content of an existing page?
Hoping this is also possible.

there is no formula that can do what you require easily, alas.

stuff that gets put in pages, stays in pages, as they say in vegas.

so we tend to design our docs to use canvas-columns in tables if you need to manipulate pages.

but there is a kind of a workaround. not a pretty one, but ive exploited it a few times.

in a button (or automation) you can do a ToHtml( pageName ) which grabs the content of a page and renders it in simple HTML format. from that, ive been able to search for and extract paragraphs of text, image urls, etc.

its a ‘hidden’ formula, so its not supported by coda. it runs fine for now, but could change or dissappear without notice. so only to be used in a crunch. i used it to extract key bodies of text from old pages and put them into canvas-columns to prevent us having to copy-paste a hundred or more pages (back when the canvas column was first released).

so… its best to design your doc to use canvas-columns as pseudo-pages from the start.


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@Mario_Feichtl, @Xyzor_Max That’s one solution.
What i usually do and also recommend if it is possible for your use case is creating another table instead of a page or subpage and reference the wanted row in the formula.


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Looks like that in my use cases:

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Thank you both for your help!

I think @Jannis suggestion put me on the right path.

I created a new table with an unique ID like @Jannis but instead of adding “Text” columns - I think it is a text? - I added a Canvas-column. Now I can add my code-blocks and other stuff in this canvas field!

If I a create a new row from my “Template-button”, I copy the canvas content (from the Template-Table-Row) into the canvas field of the new row!

With this approach i can:

  • Add multiple Rows in one turn
  • Add a canvas content into the new row

Here some pics for demonstration, if other people run at the same challenge:


Thanks for your advice and have a nice day!

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@Mario_Feichtl No problem, I’m glad I could help you.

Thanks for that explanation, that will help others for sure.


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