Creating timeline based on the working hours

Hello Community,

Could you help me to create a tool, that will allow users to select the activities that they would like to perform and see the approximate timeline below with all the effort calculated?

Here is the link:

User steps:

  1. Specify the starting date and hour here:

  2. Specify the working hours

  3. Select the list of activities that user would like to perform by checking the checkbox

See the calculated timeline of all the work below in Gantt diagram format

The issue is that the starting date is not dependent on the previously selected activity and the hours are not calculated based on effort and working hours.

Would love if someone will be able to solve this issue, thank you!

All the best,

Hello @Farid_Sabitov and welcome in coda community :smiley:

In your case i would keep the table “Activities” and the table “timeline” as different tables, the “timeline” can be popuplated with a button that copy the row the user have selected!
With this approach you can re-calculate dates with formulas according to their order (if you want you can also “read” the original sorting, allowing user to re-order them following his needs)

Also, another approach, if the doc is designed to be used by more than just 1 person, you can make those table “multi-user” and you can filter the data according to what that user selected :slight_smile:

Hope that helps, let me know :)))

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