Cross-doc date sync is broken


trying to sync time sheets between two docs - one line item per day. I’m using Crossdoc::Addrow for this.

Regardless of which date format I choose in the source doc, the date in the target doc is always mixing up the day and the month.


  1. source date: 2020-10-12, that is 12 October 2020
  2. target date will be 2020-12-10, that is 10 December 2020

Feels like a field mapping is broken somewhere. Please look into it, thanks.

@BenLee any suggestions please? Thanks.

This bug really breaks our entire company time reporting.

We will be working on dates at some point, I don’t have an ETA right now, but it is a priority.

For now, your best bet is to use the standard “MM/DD/YYYY” format to ensure that everything lines up when start shuffling data around. This is what Coda will currently default to, so it’s the one to go with.

I know other formats are wanted, we’re just not there…yet. This is part of launching a company here in the U.S. so we built out the U.S. standard first to get the product going. Other options are to not release Coda to the world until we have international dates, but that isn’t productive either. This is just a matter of us being a growing company and not having this quite yet. We’ll get there though.


Thanks @BenLee - just wanted to confirm that cross-doc date sync indeed works if you use the American date-time conventions.

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