Cross-doc Error: '1 Row has an Edit in Coda' cannot be sent through Cross-doc

Hi Coda Community, we have Client Portals in a separate Doc set up with relevant tables cross-doc’d from our master databases in the main company Doc for security.

An issue we’ve run into with a number of these Client Portals is this following one:

We test these portals internally by inviting external members with non-workspace email addresses and don’t get the same warnings while editing the tables (sync tables update hourly with two-way sync and sending updates immediately is turned on). However whenever we invite the clients to their portals and they start using the tables, we inevitably get this error that we’re not able to push through cross-doc.

In this particular case, the client updated a 5-star scale in 1 row and the edit wasn’t able to push through and in another portal, it was changing a Status (multi-select). In both cases, we’ve tried repeatedly to use the ‘Try Again’ button but no avail. The only solution we can find is to reset the edit on our end, update the row as the client would have and the edit would push through.

As a client facing portal, we want to make sure this tool works collaboratively from both sides and this issue is quickly becoming problematic at scale.

Any ideas of what we can do to mitigate this issue beyond manually re-updating the row on our end?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

PS: Due to some sensitive information, the Doc can’t be shared in a public forum but happy to share with Coda support.

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