Cross-doc messes up column names and drops entire columns

Cross-doc a table into another doc and Coda will force an unwelcome and unpredictable change in the column names on you:

  1. A column in the original table called “code_name”, is referred to as “CODE NAME” when you hover over the Row column in the cross-doc table, but is accessed in formulas as “Row.CodeName” !
  2. Worse, Coda completely loses it with column names that combine Latin and non-Latin characters. I have three columns in the original table called:
  • SS上架时间
  • SS预览时间
  • SS平台ID
    out of the first two, only one got crossed over and has to be accessed via “Row.SS”. As for the third column, it’s changed to “Row.SSID”
  1. It’s clearly a bug as column names that use only non-Latin characters get cross-doc’ed normally.

Dear Codans, can we just have the original column names carry over without any change for use in “Row.” formulas? cross-doc is already fiddly enough as it is :slight_smile:

PS: Bonus points if cross-doc sync detects when column names have changed in the source table and automatically changes any “Row.” formulas in the target table. One can dream!

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