Cross table lookup (fixed value)


I feel like I’m missing something, but I want to create a table that grabs some data from another table and I can’t figure out how to do it.

Table1 is:
Person|| Manager

Table2: I’d like to have

The person column in the second table is a lookup to the first table. What I’d like is that the Manager field would automatically get selected based on the Person, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Lookups seem only for selection options not a fixed single value. I tried using formulas, but that is not behaving like I’d expect it to. (I tried [Table1].filter(Person=thisRow.Person).[Manager] but that gets me no results.



I took a second attempt with views – basically have the tables be pure data and then try to create a view as I described above. But I’m having the same issue where I don’t see how to create a column that is fixed and a lookup from another table.



A View is a version of its source table. If you want something in a View, it must exist in its source table.

Here’s how you access columns in a Lookup table:


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Have you tried using Person.Manager ( where Person is a lookup column) ?


Thanks. I don’t know what changed (ie user error) but I tried again and now on the table when I click plus, it has the table1->Person as an option and when I click data it does exactly what I want – a column that shows the manager and is not editable. Works for both table or view. When I go edit that column, it shows it as a select list with the format of thisRow.Person.[Manager] – just as @mallika suggested.

It is working great now. Thanks!