CrossDoc - How to transfer only filtered rows?

I found myself in a new situation when I need to show only a very limited list of rows from one table to a cross-doc. The reason for this new doc is performance. I want to create a lightweight version which contains not several thousands of filtered rows but only the “result of the filter”. That would make a massive difference in load time.

Important consideration: I can’t filter the base table, but only a view of that main base table.

My best shot so far is to syncing the table to an intermediary doc, where I apply the filter to the cross-doc table, and then cross-doc this filtered table to the final user doc. While this works, I would love to avoid having creating about several dozens of extra intermediary docs.

Is that possible? Any ideas?

I think you can do that with Paul’s pack: Sync Tables Pro Pack, extend Coda with Sync Tables... - Coda

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Great idea, Joost!

For now I set it up with the intermediary doc but it’s definitely not great setup, so I will give Paul’s pack a try later this month.