Custom fonts (for a doc template - the design system)

We were thinking about creating a design system using Coda. I think a template document called “design system” would be incredibly valuable specially for small companies as they don’t want to spend a lot of time here.

The only feature I think it’s missing to be able to create this kind of template is the ability to use custom fonts (Google fonts, Typekit, etc) as a design system needs to be on-brand.

Here there is a video with more context. Hope it’s helpful!

cc/ @evan


I think it is a terrific idea if you can work out the stated problem of how to use such a Coda Design System with multiple fonts.

I do not think it would be a good idea with the same font for everyone. Do we really want everyone using Coda to have a design system identical to ours?


I use Coda for non-English languages and use non-Latin characters. Font issue affects that in one for sure, but possibly in a second way too:

  1. Display of non-Latin characters is non uniform. I have observed that with letters like “ū, ž, š, ė” in column headings and Section names. Not a major issue but…

  1. Could be related to the fact that only one font is uses or not - if column heading starts with non-Latin character like Į, Ž, Š etc - it is not possible to find it when using reference in formulas. The trick is to use latin letter first like I, Z, S and then once the formula is built - change the name to non-Latin. I will start a new thread on this.