How to use custom font on Coda

I’m new in Coda community, so I want to whether I can use custom font on Coda?

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Hey @nacnacx, welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately at this moment you can’t use custom fonts in Coda — your option is limited to Sans Serif (Inter) and Serif (Source Serif Pro).

Coda is designed as a data-oriented doc (organizing knowledge into tables, structured text etc) and not really meant for typesetting (laying out content on printable pages, making bespoke designs). Sometime we may get more typesetting options but the primary goal so far was to focus on the data part. That’s why it has super powerful tables, formulas, interactive parts etc but still only two fonts and eight text color options :sweat_smile:

That said, if you need more bespokeness in your docs, you can always experiment with embedding pre-rendered images that you create in other editors (e.g. you can make transparent PNGs or even dark-mode-sensitive SVGs and include those in your pages). A while ago I made a pack, Edit Images, which also allows rendering text as images, and offers a couple more font options, and I've also seen a couple more similar packs with different rendering providers offering different sets of fonts. However, this is somewhat tedious and in the end you still get an image, not a properly editable and reflowable (fluid, resizable) text.


I’m also interested in custom fonts, because I’d like to replace PandaDoc with Coda. Coda is an ideal platform for us to build a solution that automatically generates proposals. Having even support for Google Fonts would allow us to style these proposals so they are on brand.

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