Customizable url to get to the doc/website

Hi, I really wanted to get a customizable url in order to get to the coda website, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Is it possible to register a domain name with coda? Or just get a url (like that redirects to the actual coda website url ( I noticed some other coda websites had one but don’t know how to add it. Thanks! is not a Domain Name Registrar…so you’ll have to use a Registrar to register your domain. We use but you can use any Registrar you like or are already using for your own domains.

Then you’ll just be able to create a redirect from your custom domain to whatever Doc you want.

Please keep in mind, the redirect will do just that… Redirect. Once people click on your custom domain link, your Registrar will redirect the browser to your Doc. People viewing your Doc won’t stay at your custom domain. It’s just a “pretty” domain to share.

AFAIK, Coda doesn’t provide any CNAME aliasing to Docs or accounts.