Product Feature: allow to use a custom domain

We have multiple docs that we want to publish to the public (for example user help center linked from our website, jobs post page, etc). Doing so under our own domain / subdomain is expected by the viewers and is best practice.

This will be supper useful. We love coda, but this will allow us to share in a manner that is a lot more professional. Thank you!


Indeed, seamless integration of content is required in our use case as well. However, we were able to use iFrames to overcome this challenge.

There are a number of clever things you can do with Coda documents to blend them into web apps using iFrame and even reverse proxy servers. Using this approach we were able to create an ideal method for building dynamic documentation that magically morphs in custom ways for each client.

It’s been so popular with our clients we need to add our new account signup link; they often ask us what we use to provide such functional documentation.


Hey @Bill_French ,

Great that you got this to work so well. Can you share the CSS you used to not be limited by the usual iFrame constraints? My experience with I frames is pretty good, although often hindered by limited screen/window sizes.

Greetings, Joost

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Yes, that’s a challenge. One of the keys (in our implementation) is the Vue.js conditional rendering we used. When I see this three months later, I still don’t know exactly how we pulled this off. :wink:


Thanks, I will give this a try when I am back at a computer.

Greetings, Joost

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Hi @Bill_French that looks awesome, how did you manage to remove the ‘Open in Coda’ button at the top?

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Some clever CSS tricks. :wink:

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Hi @Yaara_Guetta-Weidberg & everyone!

We created a small tool that allows you to have a custom domain for Coda docs.

Here is an example of someone using it, but we already have a number of people using this on their live websites.

You can the tool to add custom CSS and JavaScript, etc. to your docs.

And we are busy adding the ability to change the social sharing images and favicon.

With all of this you can easily host your Coda doc as part of your own website and keep everything “on brand” with our custom styling options.

You can get started here:

(I’m the owner of Cloakist. And I think Coda’s awesome:)