Customize the documented description of the connected account for a pack's formulas

For packs that authenticate with other services, the connected account is shown in the formula editor as the first parameter to the formula, with an auto-generated documentation description like:

The [pack name] account used to pull in this data.

This is nice, but in my case the pack name does not exactly correspond to the name of the underlying service. For example, if your pack was a Todoist spinoff pack named “Todoist Shortcuts”, you would want the documentation for the connected account to read: “The Todoist account used to pull in this data.” and not “The Todoist Shortcuts account used to pull in this data.”.

Is there an existing way to specify this in the pack editor? Could not find any indication of there being one in the docs or reference.

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Yes, unfortunately that text, or more specifically the account provider’s name, isn’t configurable today. I do see how that would be needed though for Packs that use more descriptive or specific names. I’ll raise this issue with the team, and thanks for flagging.

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