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I’m required to track my activities daily and I use an excel spreadsheet now. I’m wanting to make it better in Coda but I’m stuck on how to get only one view of the “date” and show a list of my activities.
Coda has me putting in the date for each activity and that leads to a repetitive view of the date in my table.

Here is what my excel looks like.

This is how my Coda is looking with the repeated date and the view of only one activity per date.

Hi @Victoria_Rich and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

You would need to work with 2 tables linked to each others using a relation field and a linked relation field which would allow you to link a specific date to many activities :blush:.

So you would need :

  • One table to store the dates (which would act as a “Summary” table for your activities) with 1 date per row
  • One table to store each individual activity (1 activity per row) and its relevant info.

If you take a look at the sample doc below, the first table you’ll see is the table called Dates storing well, the dates :sweat_smile:

This table is linked to the table Logs (which is the last table in the page, below the detail [View of Dates]) where, for each individual activity in the table, I’ve manually selected a Date in the relation field Dates (which could be done formulaically too).

This has now linked a date to some activities in the Logs table :blush: .

On the other hand, in the Dates table, this link is reflected in the multi select linked relation field Logs, where each activity selected for a day has been gathered :blush: .

And because I left the 2 way sync enabled, this work in both ways :

So, in the table Dates, you can select activities for a specific date in the table and see this link being directly reflected in Logs … and vice-versa :blush:

The [View of Dates] is just there to show how the Dates table would look like displayed as Details as you did in your screenshot.

I hope this helps :innocent: .

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