Date context box is not showing up

I’m having a problem with a document I’ve made. To put it simply, the date context box is not showing up. When I click on a date field in a table, it just stays blinking for me to always enter a date manually; the context box (that makes a lot easier to select the date) is not showing. What am I missing here? Is it something that I have to activate?

OBS.: I guess the correct term to be used here is Date Picker, but embed inside the table. This print of an article shows that it should be automatic when you set a column as “date format”:

But it does not working in my table, please help!

Dear Tiago,

The date picker is part of the controlls, see article below

Imagine you have a table with info and one column purchase dates (date column)
Then you can create from the controls menu a date picker

With a filter that inlcudes the datepicker you have created, the date range in the underlaying table will be filtered out


The formula is as follows:

[Column 1].Matches(date)

Where Column 1 is the column with the dates
and “(date)” is the name of the date range picker


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Thank you very much for the quick answer, but that’s not what I meant. I’ll try to be more specific.
In this template we have this under “Master Tables > Subtasks”:

As you saw in the screenshot, if I click the “start date” or “Due Date” to change it (or if I’m creating a new item here), it will show a little floating calendar to insert/change the date; this is what I want to make, not filtering.

I had to create a reply here to continue (I can only attach a single image per post actually, being a new user)

Now, just an example of what happens to me:

The red arrow shows that the column is formatted as Date and time and, when I click some row to add a date and time, the calendar thing does not show up; the cursor stays blinking in order for me to insert the information manually.

By playing a little bit more with it, I discovered that if the column is set as “Date” only, the calendar actually shows up to select an entry. Maybe that’s an actual limitation…? What do you think?

Hi Tiago,

Yes, you are right for the time there is no interface (like you see in mobile applications for example with a “wheel” ) and info needs to added manual.

@mallika Please could you advise if in the Date/Time menu we can expect soon an improvements on the user interface?

I am sorry, not being able to come with a solution,

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Never mind, however. This is an excellent tool and can be used for a lot of things, this is just a minor setback