Developing a Coda Pack - Updating Data pulled by pack and sending it back to the source

I have been working on developing a coda pack to pull up the information from Azure DevOps. However I need some clarity on the following to proceed further with the vision.

Concern 1: Coda pack is able to pull up the desired information from ADO. However, it doesn’t allow any modification to the pulled information. Is it intended or am I missing something?

Concern 2: If the above is intended, then how can I make changes to the data pulled by the pack and again push it back to ADO.

Let me know if this is something you can help me with.

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Hi @Gracias_Gracias - Welcome to the Coda community! Glad to hear you are making a Pack, and that sounds like a great use case. Regarding pushing changes back to Azure, it is true that sync tables are directly editable. We do however have some way to approximate a two-way sync, which is documented here:

Hey, very interested in your ADO pack, how’s it going?