Did I break Coda?

I pasted a new value into a column with several thousand rows…and Coda has been “Calculating” for almost an hour since I did it. Did I gulp break Coda?
11.07.21 22.01.24


Doubt it… If I posted a huge amount of data, it either crashed or completed relatively quickly, definitely not an hour. I am extremely impatient, so I noticed when it went across a minute or three.

One thing though, I once or twice had a doc where I repeatedly tried to get a large data set processed and I eventually crashed the docs and had to restore to a previous version.


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You didn’t break it but you may put quite some stress on its calculation engine (which runs on your CPU, not theirs, so joke’s on you :wink: )

You can reload your doc with ?nocalc=true appended to your doc’s URL to open it in “safe mode” with calculations disabled, then delete the columns or update the formulas that caused it, and reload it back without this argument to start running calculations again


Yeah @Piet_Strydom , I know the impatience thing…I’m only human!

Yeah, I knew that…thanks for the tip about ?nocalc=true!

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