Disable alerts when using button() formula

Is there a way to set alerts to “only for errors” when using button() formula or disable them completely?

Hello @Breno_Nunes!
You can set the alertType parameter to Errors or None


I made a table template to generate buttons easily


Thank you :smiley:

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hi @Breno_Nunes , just out of curiosity, why would you use this function if you can have a real (and stable) button at your disposal?
cheers, Christiaan

Hi, @Christiaan_Huizer.
I use button() formula mostly to concatenate buttons. You get much more concise tables and better user experience.
I created a mock table to demonstrate my use case.

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that is interesting @Breno_Nunes , merci for sharing. This gives some inspiration!
about a year ago I tested this function, but at that time it was not stable (docs crashed), I guess this is no longer the case, right?

Button()s won’t crash docs anymore — invalid parameters (invalid color, icon etc) will simply be ignored now.


I just updated the mock doc with another use case.
All of that I took from @Paul_Danyliuk posts and showcase :smiley:

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