How to debug "Values in this column are calculated by a formula and can't be directly changed"?

When I click a button, with alert set to “Never”, I get this notification. I want to stop it.
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How can I find which column is this refering to?
When I click “Edit formula” it opens formula of the button I clicked.

Apparently, this happens whenever in a single row layout I click anywhere on the popup itself.
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I’ve seen this also and consider it a bug.
This is the warning you get when you try to edit a column that has a formula.
So for now I always set the ‘Show Alert’ to “Only for errors”

I think I am onto something.

I have this text column with multiple concatenated buttons:
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This is the formula on it:

Whenever I click on the column in the single row layout, Coda thinks I am trying to modify it and warns me that I can’t do that. However, if I click on the button, it will carry out the action, regardless of this notification.

Hi, we are experiencing the same issue generally as we use the single row view extendedly.

Is anyone from Coda willing to explain this change in the way the it works and how can it be solved???

@Tomislav_Mamic @Xyzor_Max — yep, that’s the alert you would get when you repeatedly click on a column with a formula in it. Coda thinks you’re trying to edit the value and tells you that it’s a formula, not an editable value.

Even if it’s a Button(), which is meant to be clicked… but not meant to be used, since it’s a hidden experimental formula that each of us uses at our own risk :wink:

I couldn’t find the way to prevent the Button() from bubbling click events (so that Coda wouldn’t capture those), but one fun workaround is to… not make the column containing the Button() a formula :slight_smile: (15)

It’s a limited workaround though because it saves the button’s state into a cell at the moment, and the button then cannot respond to any changes (badge, label, color etc) unless something else in the doc updates that cell value once again. You basically have to redraw that button / line of buttons yourself.

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Hi, it’s not the Button() formula thing, as it happens also in documents that implement a Button as a column with a furmula in it (in our case with an Activate()) action.

I find really strange that anyone from Coda is taking any action on this.

I am getting " Values in this column are calculeted by a formula … " error to …
I am getting this error in DETAIL VIEWS only …

Thanks for the bug report! I’ll take a look and send out a fix. Note that the fix will only solve the issue for button columns (not text columns that use the Button() experimental formula).

[Update]: The bug fix should go live within the next two prod pushes.