Disable Button if double entry


I have a button on Table A that adds a row to Table B. The issue is that sometimes the report that I upload to Table A has duplicate entries. Is there a way to disable the button of the 2nd entry (there is a key column used, so that would be the duplicate value to check for).


Hey @Samuel_Langford! I’m not so sure about an easy way to disable the button if there are duplicates, but I wonder if you could use a solution like this to see which rows are duplicates, and highlight just the button column in red with conditional formatting to better visually indicate that it contains duplicates and shouldn’t be pushed :thinking:

Thanks! I actually found a solution. For anyone else needing to do something like this -

I created a Double Entry number column and set it’s value to:

Then disabled the button if the Double Entry column != 1.

It only works if you have a key column you can compare, so it might not work for all problems like this. But it’s pretty handy.

Ohh LOVE that, nice!

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