Add Row Button Results Deleted Row?

I have a button on table A that adds a row to table B. I have an automation that clicks the the button every hour. I have a results column, and generally the results is the row that is created.

The issue is that (very often) the results column will actually be a deleted row. something like #r2304 or something. This is a huge issue because the button on table A is still disabled because the results column isn’t empty, but there’s not actually a record on table B. The doc is an attendance system, so usually it’s ~120 buttons being clicked at once or so.

Has anyone run into this issue?

Hi Samuel ! Maybe you can share your doc so we would be able to visualize the connections between the two tables ?

With these informations I think that using another column than the “result” could solve it (to disable the button when it’s clicked once) but I’m not sure I have fully understood your problem :slight_smile:

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