Disable Button if meet multiple criteria


Hi Coda Community,

I’m currently having a problem where i cannot set the disable button when multiple criteria are met.

Below are the button that i have

Below are the detail of the SUBD button:

And i wanted to set the button to be disable if the value in the Attendance DB (Construction Team= the value of the button AND Date=the value of the button AND Construction Location = the value of the button)

Below is the Attendance DB table:

Note: The value of the button is the user input when the button triggered and popup the open row for editing.

Edited with embedded sample Coda that you can play around:


Dear @Nik_Hasyimi_nick_hasyimi,

I recommend you to create a simplified version and post a copy of this document.
This is the easiest way for members to play and hopeful provide you with a solution.

Screenshots a great, but not always uncovering the details and are not interactive

Looking forward for your input. :handshake:

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Hi JP, i’ve edited my post so with the embedded sample Coda file for you guys to check it.

Hope you can give some workaround to solve my problem.


if i understood right, you dont want a duplicate record to be created for a Construction Location for a given date.

The way you could do it by using following formula in ‘Disable’ config for a button

[Attendance Record].Filter([Construction Location]=SUBD and Date=select_date.Value).Count() > 0

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Hi krunal,
I need to add my third criteria for the filtering, which is it cannot be the same construction team.

I try to add the 3rd criteria as below but it doesn’t work:
[Attendance DB].Filter([Construction Location]="SUBD" AND Date=select_date.Value AND [Construction Team]=[Construction Team]).Count()>0


I want the construction team cannot repeat more than 1 time in a day within the same construction location.


I am confused - your button doesnt set Constuction Team at all - is the idea that once the record is created, user cant select same construction team if there is a already a row with same construction team, date and location?

if yes, you need to filter constuction team lookup to include only the teams that are not present in other rows.