Disable if field not respected by press buttons automation

I’m trying to extend one of the automated todo list templates by adding different types of recurring tasks.

Essentially, I have Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual recurring tasks. I’m using a different button / column for automating the resurrection of said tasks based on complex logic in the disableIf field on each button that looks at a combination of things.

I’ve validated that the buttons are disabling / enabling when I expect them to.

Now, the trouble starts with the automation. I have a task that runs each morning that simply presses each button (daily, weekly, etc), however, the automation seems to press the buttons whether or not they’re disabled. So I wake up every morning and have to re complete tons of tasks which defeats the whole purpose of the system.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it expected for press button automations to ignore whether or not a button is disabled?

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I haven’t yet seen an automation to press disabled buttons — usually it respects the disabled state. Contact the Coda support about this.

However, seems like a rather eccentric way to achieve what you need. Isn’t this something that you could achieve with a formula like this?

  If(Do Action 1 == true, Action 1, _Noop()),
  If(Do Action 2 == true, Action 2, _Noop()),


Yeah, I totally agree that using the disableif field to exclude rows vs writing a formula to include rows is eccentric. It’s really just a carryover from the logic I saw in this template: https://coda.io/t/Ellen-Chisas-Automated-To-Do-System_tIuLJzseDAR

Wasn’t sure if there was any reason it was done that way but I may just need to buckle up and rewrite the whole thing from scratch.