Disable Calculations During Actions

I have a document with table buttons that generate new rows in other tables. The newly generated rows have calculations that run as a series of aggregations. Initially, this worked fine, but as the document size has grown and the record count has increased, the time it takes to run the button actions has become unacceptably slow for my needs.

I believe part of the slowdown is because every time a new row is created, it triggers the recalculation of other formulas, which seems to run for every record in the table.

These formulas do not need to be recalculated in the middle of the process. It would be ideal if I could disable the calculations during an action and re-enable them upon completion.

I tried using a SwitchIf in the formulas to make them calculate only when a canvas checkbox is set to true, then controlling that checkbox through RunActions in the button formula. However, this did not significantly improve the document’s performance.