Open/close page functions or auto button clicks

I am not sure if this has been requested previously, but in case it hasn’t:

As docs get bigger and contain more data, performance is improved by preventing calculations that you don’t need at the moment. For example, when updating a sales table, the dashboard and charts on another page get updated as well. If you have many rows and calculations, the doc becomes pretty unresponsive at some point. In my doc, it took from 6 to 8 seconds before calculations were done after every update in a pretty small table (touching big tables elsewhere). In this specific table I have to change on average 4 to 6 rows in a couple of seconds, so I had to redesign the calculation flow. Among other things, I turn on/off the dashboard functions with a checkbox switch so it only calculates when I am looking at the dashboard. It would be so much nicer if I could setup a button or function to alter these switches automatically upon opening a page and reset them when closing a page.

This is not crucial, I can do it by hand, but it is not very intuitive.

By the way: the tradeoff of this way of working is that you don’t have instant results upon opening the page, but if the performance of your doc goes up big time, I can live with that.

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