Disable expand row button in the table for user restriction

Hello. I have created doc with some granular permission on filter and button disable (by email filtering). However the problem is that the expand row is always there and therefore I could not disable user from open the row and edit information inside the row.

It would be great if expand row button can be disabled so i could make this user restriction complete.


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True! I would echo that this would be a nice feature

Although, for the meantime, you can make an inner detail view that shows absolutely no information whatsoever, or a silly GIF warning them to stay away.

And for users that you do want to be able to open the row, allow them to access the modal view via a button, using the open row function, which utilizes the ViewOrLayout: parameter referencing a different view with visible columns.

Then disable that button for those who shouldn’t have that access

Thanks a lot. That’s what I’m currently doing as well. But I’ve me itch that I have to duplicate another table just for this