Display as percent in inline formula?


I’m dividing a currency by a currency in an inline formula to show a percentage change. The result appears as a currency. I can’t figure out how to reformat this to a percent. I’ve tried the format function but can only add a % but not remove the $.

Here is the formula I’m working with (StartPrice$ - EndPrice$)/(StartPrice$) which always returns a decimal $0.00.



Is the column formatted as a Percent column (from the dropdown menu in the column header)?


This is an inline formula. The two columns being used to make the percent change are currencies and are set as such in the table. The result isn’t in a table.


Gotcha, just reproduced your experience. I don’t know the answer, and defer to someone else.

Historically, formatting of numeric formula results on the canvas was not yet at parity with number formatting in cells (e.g., number of decimal places). This might be related to that.


You may be right. I may have to switch to just a number in the columns as a work around for now. Thanks.

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