Ability to format sliders & canvas formulas as currency, percents, etc

:point_up_2:please and thank you!


Yeah, I’d love the ability to create a slider that’s formatted as a Percentage value.

[====0----------] 35%

Is a lot more intuitive for users than

[====0----------] 0.35

For some sliders I’ve taken to using av 0…100 range, but that makes all of my calculations become a bit more challenging as I have to always remember to divide the values by 100 before using my slider values.


You can create a formula next to it which shows the formatted value of the slider. The only thing missing is the ability to hide the number display of the slider itself so you can use the new formula. And for some reason the value update seems to be broken if the slider currently has focus (the formula doesn’t update its display unless you de-focus the slider).