Can sliders be driven by formulas?

Similarly to how most data types can act as both representations of a manual input and a formulaic output, does the same apply to sliders? Can I have a formula output a decimal number between say 0 and 1, change the column type to NumberSlider, and have the slider position reflect the relative value of this number in the unit interval [0; 1]?

I can’t seem to find an obvious way to do this. Changing the column type to Number > Percent does seem to work and indicate this value in the unit interval as a percentage.

Hi @loucadufault ,
far from being a proper answer to this, I realised I wanted a similar feature, too.

Starting from the “old” trick posted by @Paul_Danyliuk (MEGA TRICK: SVG in Coda (one step away from generated charts and mind maps!)) and subsequent implementations, I built up a very basic SVG slider:

I hope this might be a temporary workaround or at least a starting point to play around.

The good part is that you can add a more fine-grained set of configurations (I just provided the basic ones)


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@Federico_Stefanato the SVG slider looks nice but I’m not sure why you had to do it at all?

@loucadufault A slider column can also be a formula column. However a slider will always show a numeric value — there’s no way to force it to show percent.

You can either:

  • Make a slider in range from 0 to 1 with increment e.g. 0.01 and have absolute values there. E.g., 0.4 would mean 40%
  • Make a slider in range from 0 to 100 with increment 1 but in your formula multiply your percent value by 100.
  • Or yeah, go with a custom SVG drawing or a Rectangle-based progressbar-like representation.
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