Conditions / Preassigned values on slider

Hello All,

Thank you in advance for looking into my question.

I am currently managing different tasks and resources and I thought that using sliders as part of the task monitoring would provide an extra visibility on the overall progress.

So far I only played with Status (Not started, in progress, on hold, cancelled, completed).

I am trying to link the status with a slider. Not sure yet which one should modify the other but I thought the status would allow to do the following:

  • Not started = slider at 0 and not possible to modify
  • In progress = slider can be modified with whatever value you want to assign
  • On hold = keeps the current value but slider cannot be modified
  • Cancelled = I guess it would be like “On hold”
  • Completed = slider at 100 and not possible to modify.

I cannot get the formula to work therefore your help would greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

Hi @Johan_Bertin ,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

Unfortunately you can’t “disable” an input field.

You can disable a button or provide a formula-based value/control (preventing it to be manually changed), but not mixing manual input and formula-based in the same column.

As a basic workaround I would:

  • add a “twin” slider column formula-based reporting the slider value (therefore, read-only)
  • filter a view with only editable tasks (status = in progress) showing the editable slider
  • on the other filtered views (status != in progress) showing the non editable one.

I hope this helps.

Hello @Federico_Stefanato

Thank you for you quick reply. Then the deactivation would not be the main feature.

I am more concerned about the possibility to set a custom value when the in progress is selected and a custom one for not started and completed.

Thank you again :pray: :smiley:

Hi @Johan_Bertin

I understand.
I think it’s a design perspective relying on how you wish to shape your application.

The two main ways could be:

  • your interface is mainly action-based; i.e. the change of a status is through a button.
    • pros: full control of the operations triggered by buttons and data consistency potentially higher
    • cons: higher complexity in the maintenance because is full formula based in the button(s) and careful filtering out of the columns affected by button(s)’ actions.
  • you check - and fix - consistency discrepancies on a scheduled automation; i.e. at row-changes or predefined intervals you run an automation that “puts back” discrepancy values for statuses that have default ones.
    • pros: less overall complexity in the row design
    • cons: might create a counterintuitive and deferred perception form a UX perspective (e.g. I change something that changes back…)

You can also add some visual features (conditional formatting) or notifications (again or row change or scheduled) warning the users for the inconsistencies.

Lastly, I believe that (for internal tool) some good discipline and habit are the best rules ever and keep the document light and flexible and the responsibility high… :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about it.


you are actually right.
I will perform the following then:

  • Default value set up to not started and slider at 0 when a new row is created
  • When changed to in progress, I will adjust the value of the slider accordingly
  • To complete a task, I will create a button to change all the status to completed and slider at 100

Easier to manage and maintain the consistency of my document.

Thanks a lot for time you spent !

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Always a pleasure! :slight_smile:


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