Linked Slider Controls

Sometimes, I’d like to have a duplicate of a slider control in another section. Changing one slider value should change the other too. This enables me to apply the same value to different calculations in each section. So imagine 2 linked sliders - each on a different section of the Coda doc, acting in unison.

PowerBI has an excellent application of this. It allows you to have linked date filters ( which can be configured to look like a slider). Setting the value of one date range filter automatically applies that same filter on all other linked date range filters as well.

Thanks for the suggestion @Victor_Acquah. While we do not have this you can use the value of a single slider across sections and use it for filters everywhere in the doc. For a visual representation you could use Slider.Value to display it above a table or at the top of a section.


The use case you describe is different from what I was hoping for. Connected or synced sliders are controlled both ways - changing one slider changes the other too. In your use case above, you can only really change the slider in one place.

Perhaps this 4 minute video will help explain how it woks?

if you just want to have a slider at multiple places, you could use something like this:

This would always use the latest changed slicer. However, the other Slider will still display the wrong value, which might be irritating! I guess you could work with conditional formatting to show the currently filtered value.

Does this help in any way?

Hello Philipp

Thanks for your input. Using the modified function gets me half way there. But the other slider showing the wrong value will cause confusion - to people reading the report.

This can be a really useful addition and I suspect it probably wont take much for Coda to implement - maybe adding a formula to the slider control which sets the default value to the value of the linked slider or something like that.

Just make the number “invisible” when it is the older version. that way only the dot is visible.

But I agree, this will be a useful addition!

Similarly to what you wanted to do, I would like to link sliders to divide a fixed budget (e.g. 100€) into different departments (Marketing, Tech and Recruitment).

As one is increased, the one which was changed the latest is supposed adapt.

I guess there is still no way to connect sliders?

This is what I came up with for now:

The sliders can be used to manipulate the Budget. Only the two most recent changes are displayed in the second table; the third budget simply looks up the total budget and subtracts the already allocated numbers.
(formulas are under the table).

Can anyone think of a simpler way (which is also less prone for mistakes)? I would need to include 15-20 budgets and this might get rather messy…

A somewhat less elegant solution - but maybe simpler and more in line with the real world - would be to have all of the budgeting categories independent between 0 and the max budget.

Then add a column for “Amount Under or Over Budget” to account for the bottom line total of all the items.

As a nice touch, with conditional formatting the numbers can all be red if you are over budget, black if you are under budget, and some other color if you are spot-on with $0 overage.

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This is getting interesting. A very nice use case for linked sliders. What this illustrates is the power of linked sliders for scenario analysis. I hope the Coda folks consider some sort of functionality to get us there.

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I might actually go for that, less fancy but more down to earth :wink:

I was about to post a new topic and then remembered that we briefly talked about the sliders here and possible workarounds…

I made an interesting discovery today - when a slider is on a table and a view of that table is created at another location, the two sliders are synced! Changing the slider on the view changes the one on the parent table and vice versa. If only this also worked for sliders created directly on the canvas!!!

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My use case is a little different, but upvoting because I’d like to see linked control values of all types.

My workaround at the moment is, as a prior commenter suggested, using a table with a single row that has a Relation column and using a view on each page I’d like to have a “linked control value”, but this is visually a little clunky and I’d much prefer a standard dropdown that can be linked to others, changable from any page that it’s on.