Is it possible to set Slider increments to fibonacci values?

Fairly new to Coda and was wondering if it was possible to set the increments on slider scales to be irregular intervals (i.e. fibonacci scale)

Our use case for this is product planning. We record efforts/story points based on a fibonacci sequence

Thanks in advance!

We don’t have that setting, but it’s an interesting idea. If you don’t need this to run on for too many digits, you could most likely map values based on slider values using SwitchIf().

SwitchIf(slider value 1, fib value 1, slider value 2, fib value 2, slider value 3, fib value 3, "no value")

The last “no value” shows if nothing else matches. This formula would be in a separate column, but might do what you need it to.

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Well, you can use a regular slider and map its value N to the N-th number of the Fibonacci sequence. Demo:

But yeah, to answer the original question:

  • It is in fact possible to put a formula in the Increment field that would always calculate to the next step of the fib sequence,
  • But, it will be an increment value for both sliding the slider forward and sliding it backwards… which obviously won’t snap to the previous fib number properly.

Thanks so much @BenLee and @Paul_Danyliuk

I managed to get this working nicely with a second column and then I actually just used conditional formatting to make the original slider value white so that there isn’t room for confusion with the two numbers appearing :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!


Brilliant idea about conditional formatting!

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